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Are you looking for an exciting change? A role where you can reach your potential and offer invaluable community support?

The opportunity is here for a passionate arts professional to work in a spectacular remote desert community nestled in the Mann Ranges working alongside a small group of exceptionally talented emerging and senior artists.

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Friday the 17th of June 2022
Tjungu Palya is an Aboriginal owned and governed art enterprise, located about 100kms south west of Uluru (Ayres Rock), in Nyapari community which is set at the base of the majestic Mann Ranges in the heart of country traditionally owned by the Pitjantjatjara people. These ranges, known to Anangu as Murputja, likening the mountain to the bony ridge of a person’s spine, are the source of many water holes and traditional camping places.

The Art Centre sees a small group of top tier Australian painters gather daily to work on major exhibitions and private commissions whilst handing on knowledge to a group of talented emerging artists. It is not uncommon for four generations of one family to be gathered at the Art Centre, painting, singing and retelling the Tjukurpa. It is a hive of activity, of fun, of culture and creativity. Tjungu Palya also plays a central economic and role in the future sustainability of the small remote communities of Nyapari and Kanpi.

The artists are known as early innovators with a significant stylistic influence on the wider APY art movement. They are culturally knowledgeable and connected to country, making regular visits to dreaming sites and homelands to conduct maintenance, collect bush foods or materials and to camp. Part of the role is to facilitate such trips.

The homelands of Kanpi, Nyapari, Angatja, Umpukulu and Tjankanu have grown from seasonal camping places into permanent settlements. Over fifty artists from Murputja joined together with family members living in traditional country 180kms to the south at Watarru and created Tjungu Palya, which translates as Good Together and refers to this collaboration between the homelands.

Tjungu Palya has a great facility, providing professional studios for artists and management. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for an Arts professional who would like to experience life in a remote Indigenous community. They will need to be highly motivated, have sound administration skills, together with a developed sense of aesthetics and experience in arts development and marketing is desirable. Respect and understanding of cross-cultural environments and some knowledge of contemporary Aboriginal art is also required. You must have highly developed listening and communication skills.

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